Why Engrave Concrete Floor?

e use specialty concrete engraving equipment and tooling to engrave any kind of decorative design or pattern directly into the concrete floor surface.

Decorative concrete engraving is typically performed after the concrete floor slab has been colour stained with an acid stain, or other types of concrete stains we apply so the engrved design or pattern will stand out once engraved into the concrete.

Decorative concrete engraved floors will last a lifetime. The engraving is usually up to half inch deep and the engraved

designs look as if the design was inlaid into the concrete and truely looks awesome with colourful back drop.

Decorative concrete engraving is an excellent choice for radiant heated concrete flooring. The reason being, the engravings allow the concrete an opportunity to expand and contract therefore minimizing the hairline cracks typically seen in radiant heated concrete floors.

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