Polished concrete and epoxy floors
Metallic epoxy floor finish


We specialize in transforming old or damaged commercial and residential concrete garage flooring into highly durable practical and decorative floor surfaces.

We offer 3 basic choices for your garage floor resurfacing;

Polished concrete and epoxy floors1. Vinyl flakes with either epoxy or premium polyaspartic top coat finish.
2. Metallic epoxy flooring. Highly decorative turns any garage into showroom like area for your hobbies or cars.
3. Polished concrete or Clear coating. We create beautiful showroom like polished concrete garage floors for discriminating people who like clean natural look.
Polished concrete and epoxy floorsOur professional garage floor protective concrete coatings consists of primarily of 3 types of products that are manufactured for certified contractor use only and is applied by our experienced staff. Professional contractor use concrete coatings on average will outlast a typical off the shelf for public use epoxy or polyurethanes products by a factor of 8 times or more. Meaning professional grade concrete coatings have 8 times the protection and life span of an typical off the hardware store shelf such as Home Depot or Lowes epoxy or polyurethane products.

1. NEW – Polyaspartic Garage floor coatings – is a newer premium product that is derived from polyurea. installing pigmented polyaspartic garage floors with embedded vinyl flecks or quartz sand beads, is similar to epoxy floor system. The primary difference is polyaspartic it cures rapidly and not as temperature sensitive as epoxy. A polyaspartic garage floor can be completed start to finish in about 1 to 2 days in full use, and does have other strengths over epoxy (an epoxy floor typically takes 3 to 4 days to complete properly and must wait a few more days before the garage can be fully utilized again).
Polyaspartic has four times the abrasion resistance, twice the adhesion, and 95% more flexibility than premium 100% solid resin Epoxy. These characteristics are combined with its ability to cure rapidly and ready to use in one day and can be applied at cold temperatures of up to -2C. (based on a standard 2-3 car garage). Polyaspartic also has a high UV resistance, which means it will not yellow or fade over time compared to traditional epoxies. Its ability to resist oil stains and deterioration from salts, gasoline and other contaminates is unmatched.

2. 100% solid resins epoxy garage floors – This concrete floor product has been around for decades and is still a very effective in protecting concrete from chemical attacks or salt damage while adding a decorative floor dimension that is easy to clean and bright.

3. Aliphatic polyurethanes – Is a professional grade 2 part urethane typically applied as finishing coat to polyaspartics and always on epoxy, with broadcasted anti slip material for safety. Applied paper thin polyurethane adds additional strength when applied as top coat to epoxy and adds UV protection which epoxy has little of.

Below is an outline of the average transformation process each garage floor undergoes or click here.

1. Repair and Resurface Concrete
We Repair all cracks larger then 1/8″. If required, we re-level the entire garage floor with self-leveling concrete to produce a new garage floor slab prior to treatment.

2. Polyaspartic Or Epoxy With Vinyl Chip Flooring System
There many combinations of chip colours and materials available for decorative epoxy chip garage flooring. There are metallic chips of varies colour and sizes, and vinyl or granite chips. We can create any colour combinations and smooth or rough texture finish for your garage floors with epoxy and/or polyaspartic concrete coatings.

Grind And Apply Clear Or Solid Colour Protective Concrete Coatings
This process involves grinding of the garage floor surface to roughen the surface for adhesion, (assuming there are no repairs to be done) and applying a clear coat of either premium Polyaspartic, or 100% solid epoxy, finished with aliphatic polyurethanes sealer with anti slip additive.

Polished concrete and epoxy floorsThere are other types of available garage floor resurfacing or decorative floor finishes such as concrete engraving, or metallic epoxy floor finishes.
if you would like a free quote to resurface either commercial or residential garage floor, please complete the online estimate request form and will contact you within 1 business day, or call us during business hours at 905-660-6884 to discuss your project in person.