Polished concrete and epoxy floors
Today one of the most popular flooring choices especially in commercial/industrial sector can be found in offices spaces, retail stores, and showroom, warehouses, high end garages are all common place where the polished concrete floors evolution is present. The reason for such popularity of polished concrete into the main stream of flooring are numerous and here we will mention some of the more common reasons polished concrete is evolving so rapidly into the main stream flooring market.

So let’s talk about the environment first, polished concrete flooring is the most environmentally friendly floors you can purchase today. Concrete is a natural organic product that is used as structural material to form almost all commercial and industrial buildings so therefore it only makes perfect sense to transform the structural concrete floor into beautiful and unique polished concrete finish.

Another primary reason why concrete polishing is so hot in popularity is it’s low maintenance and longevity of life. Once the concrete polishing process is complete, no further costly maintenance is required to maintain the polished concrete floor. Furthermore it is not unreasonable to expect to get 20 to 30 years of use from professionally finished polished concrete floor, which makes concrete polishing is one of the least expensive economical commercial natural eco-friendly flooring on the market.

As one can see polished concrete flooring has many benefits and advantages and is also considered to be a very hygienic floor that is easy and fast to clean as it suites all types of décor from warehouse flooring to elite gallery showrooms and everything in between, beautiful polished concrete flooring can be found.

Polished concrete floors is a multi step process that requires several passes throughout the floor surface with metal diamond grinding tools and several steps of resin polishing tools. The amount and the aggressiveness and the amount of grinding will determine how much aggregate is exposed in the final finish and also plays a key roll in the amount of the final sheen that can be seen in the polished concrete floor. In this process we also incorporate 2 types of penetrating sealers during the process to ensure you have a permanent dust free floor and protected from soiling or staining.
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