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Custom Concrete Floors

About Us

Concrete Floor FX is amongst the longest operating companies in the greater Toronto area to specialize in creating unique and custom concrete floor finishes.

We offer professional concrete grinding and polishing services, as well as professional protective and decorative coatings applications since 2005.

We operate throughout the greater Toronto, and southern Ontario area. Request a free estimate here or call us at 905-660-6884 to get a competitive price for your project.

Custom Designed Concrete Floor Finishes
We are experts in grinding and polishing concrete floors and applying various epoxy and urethane coatings in commercial and industrial and residential spaces.

Concrete Flooring Services
We work to deliver each project in a timely and efficient workman like manner. We explain and guide clients prior to concrete floor transformation process and then create a floor finish that will not just meet client’s expectation, but will often exceed them.

Damaged Or Unleveled Concrete Floors?
We offer rapid self-leveling concrete resurfacing systems that will resurface virtually any old concrete surface quickly and ready to polish or for installation of new flooring such as tile or hardwood installation over the newly poured concrete floor.

Our Company Mission, Provide reliable quality craftsmanship with friendly customer service and helpful advice through the entire process of  transforming a concrete slab into a beautiful and durable floor you will love. Simply complete our free quote request form to get a price estimate for your concrete flooring project.

About Our Polishing Process

Our commercial multi-step mechanical grind and polishing process yields superior results and cost effective for office spaces, showrooms, retail stores, and fine homes.

We offer premium 11 step diamond ground and polished floors using the finest grinding and polishing equipment and just as important, we use premium metal and ceramic polishing pads to achieve premium results.

Visit our services page to view the varies type of floor finishes Concrete Floor FX offer. Call us at 905-660-6884 for a competitive estimate, or click request a quote and we will contact you within 1 business day or receipt of your request.

Mapei self level concrete with glass

Custom Self-Leveling Concrete Overlay - Polished

Fine recycled glass embeded

Custom Self-Leveling Concrete Overlay - Polished