Polished concrete and epoxy floors

Resurfacing Existing Concrete Floor Surfaces

 It looks and feels just like a power trowelled polished concrete floor, however, it is only 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick. Our PC self-leveling polished concrete flooring system is a blend of Portland cement, polymers, and other proprietary ingredients when applied produces a floor that has beautiful natural shade variations with a clean new finish. This amazing polishing system also opens up a host of flexible design possibilities discussed below.

Concrete Floor-FX offers resurfacing and re-leveling existing concrete floors.

As decorative concrete floor specialty company, we turn new concrete floors into beautiful seamless polished concrete as seen above or epoxy floor finishes.

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Options For Self-Leveling Concrete Finishes
1. colour – Standard colours of decorative floor top self-leveling concrete finishes are grey, Light Grey, and White. However we are able to tint our concrete mixes to many other various colour shades on request. (eg. Brown, Blue, Green, etc)

2. Visual Texture – On request basis, we broadcast aggregate, recycled colour glass, sea shells and other mediums to create a highly unique custom floor effects.

self-leveled concrete floor finish with coloured recycled glass embedded.

Polished concrete and epoxy floors