Concrete Floor FX, performs professional concrete slab repairs and concrete floor resurfacing of existing interior concrete surfaces in retail, commercial, and residential places.

We specialize in installing a variety of specialized Self-leveling concrete overlay systems for the purpose of polishing, leveling rough concrete, in preparation for new floor installations, and for creating a new canvas for decorative concrete floor finish.

Concrete Art-FX offers varies decorative self-leveling concrete floor finishes.

We offer aggregate, recycled glass, or sea shells broadcasted and embedded into the new concrete surface with a either a natural polished concrete finish or sealed with a glass like finish with 100% solid resins professional epoxy coatings.

Interior resurfacing of concrete floors with self-leveling cement, provides a new solid floor surface that is ideal for concrete polishing to virtually a fault free polished concrete finish, or to create a new concrete floor canvas to create decorative concrete floor finish such as applying concrete stain to create a beautiful rich in colourful concrete floor that everyone will marvel at first glance.